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Welcome to Alpha Guild

Alpha Guild was started in 2011. It is an active, social guild, where people can play the game however they prefer. The guild is made up of mature people, male and female. There are no pressures for raiding, no 'elite' groups. We have fun, socialize and help each other as much as we can.  Yes we do raid, and yes, we do run the older content, but it is a joint effort of everyone, when and if they can participate. If you are just looking for a guild that you can relax in and just quest, then Alpha guild is that guild also.

So, on that note,  if you are over 16 years of age and you would like to join, then please register on this site, one onf the officers, or myself will be happy to assist you in becoming a member. If you prefer, you can contact someone in game, there are always people playing, and they will give you an invite to the guild.

Thank you again for visiting our webpage, I am very honored to be the GM of Alpha.


Calliiaa - GM

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Calliiaa, Apr 2, 13 10:51 AM.
Well we had our votes for Raiding Days, it turns out that the majority votes cast were for Tuesday and Sunday nights.  These will be our new raiding days starting at a new time of 8pm server.  We will incorporate another night for people that wish to Raid on a more casual basis.  We want to get our 10 man core team secured, meaning that, once you accept that position for the core team, it is expected that you will turn up on time, and each week. Obviously if one week you cannot make it then you will let the Raid Coordinator or Raid Leader know in time, so we can put a substitute in that spot. Core Team will be running the newer content, Throne of Thunder for progression.  Alpha prides itself on looking after all the people that are associated with the guild, we try to make sure that everyone that wants to have fun and Raid gets that chance, this will not change having a core 10 man team.  Myself  & Officers are more that willing to run extra nights for casual Raiding so that people can get their gear scores up. Again its all about having fun and socializing with great people.  Cali


Calliiaa, Mar 14, 13 11:07 AM.
Hi all, well I know that a lot of guildies are interested in getting into the Raiding. As you know we are not elitist but we have fun. So on that note, here is some info that has been happening on that front.
As you are aware, Dazzed is our Raid Leader and Zelter is the Raid Coordinator. Both are doing a fabulous job and I am thankful that the Officers step up for everyone.  Raiding nights are Tuesday at 8.30pm, Thursday at 8.30pm and we have added a 25 man raid for Sunday night starting at 8pm. Zelter would like you on 15 minutes before raid time. You can sign up for these Raids on the calendar, but be aware, if you accept then we expect you to be there. If you are not sure then hit the Tentative button.  The 25 man Raid is coordinated with two other guilds. Enduring and Bound for Glory. These two guilds are now our sister guilds and hopefully we can get 25 people to raid. The game is about having fun, so if you need help on anything such as downing an elite, taming a rare, heroics or just running in a group then holla, Alpha is your guild.  Have fun all  Cali

DS 10 & 25 Man Heroic

Calliiaa, Aug 21, 12 4:08 PM.
Today I went on the site and looked up the 25 man Heroic Ds... this site is very informative. Everyone that is now raiding needs to read up on the fights, get to know all the little twists and turns that each player needs to do, that is why I recommend you visit this site.  Knowing the fights and mechanics is a huge plus, makes the raid go smoother.  Alpha is rocking at the moment, lets have fun.

Sundays are our new Thursdays

Calliiaa, Aug 19, 12 7:38 AM.
Although we have numerous people on now at any given time, we have decided to change the DS 10 Man Alt run to Sunday evenings at 8pm. This will give peeps a chance to actually run one of their alts thru this Raid that have not done so, due to them not being on in the week night.  MOP is upon us so lets get everyone geared as much as possible before that hits.
Good luck and have fun.

Dragon Soul 10 Man

Calliiaa, Aug 8, 12 1:04 PM.
Congrats to all that are getting geared through our  DS 10 man runs.  We hope that more will participate. Remember that Thursdays are our Alt Run so get signed up and get geared before the new expansion.

Congrats to Myotank for snagging the DS Mount...

We would like to start doing 25 man runs shortly, we have so many new members, it would be fun I am sure for us to go as a guild.

Enjoy the game... Cali
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